It matters not what state things are

For change is constant

Every breathing being here

Comes and goes

With the passage of time.

A force that is immovable

Nothing comes by accident

Because everything actually

Has a place

In the scheme of things.

The broken fragments

Of happy memories

Might just become a second-

Fast and fleeting

Because that’s what life is.

There remains only the shadows

Of a life borne out of dust

Maybe that tiny flicker of hope

Would also return to dust

Forever lost in oblivion.



You must have thought why

I never smiled

It’s not that I’m sad nor lonely

It’s just me.

You thought of happiness

I thought of love

Not even for a second

With a cold facade.

And why oh why

You left me wondering

Of what could have been

Of the truth.

It’s just sad that time

Did not allow us

Even for a second

To meet down the road.