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Stab me, like there’s no tomorrow

I can handle the pain.


You cut me with your shitty words

But I can always lick my wounds.


You shoot with dagger looks

But I have my bullet-proof.


If life was pain and it was you,

I’ll gladly embrace it.


I was the masochist in your sadist state,

You the Master and I like the Slave.


I chose you when you chose me,

I love you more when you hurt me.


I was a living dead before,

Then you came and awakened my soul.












People tell me I look like you

You, who bore me on a balsamic moon.



You said life was no easy for you


So you try to amend the past with me.



You guided me through and through


But kept haunting secrets only you knew.



You would suddenly hug me at night


That I had to breathe because it was tight.



When I had to leave for my dreams


Your eyes looked so painful and in tears.



You wanted me to stay in the nest


But I was stubborn that I still went away.



I said I wanted to live the world


But you said the world would eat my heart.



Remembering those days still hurt


Whenever you would send me your letters.



And that I realize that you’re right


But it was just too late to turn back time.



Time when I was still in your arms


With the peace I never found with the world.



How can such a simple single word


Mean so much to my whole existence?



I pray time to be merciful to me


So I can finally utter the words ‘forgive me.’

Almost Lover