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Stab me, like there’s no tomorrow

I can handle the pain.


You cut me with your shitty words

But I can always lick my wounds.


You shoot with dagger looks

But I have my bullet-proof.


If life was pain and it was you,

I’ll gladly embrace it.


I was the masochist in your sadist state,

You the Master and I like the Slave.


I chose you when you chose me,

I love you more when you hurt me.


I was a living dead before,

Then you came and awakened my soul.









More silence and more hatred

Until more tears are shed

Should have known this would happen

It only made our hearts to be broken.

Looking up at the sky

I’ve always wondered why

Maybe distance would be better

Cause being close makes us weaker.

Trust has always been the issue

You never believed me too

How awful our situation is

These emotions need release.

The kind that makes us suffer

Is the kind that makes us stronger

Maybe I gather up more pain

My efforts were just in vain.

Tonight the moon is full

I didn’t know fate can be so cruel

And those walls of yours and mine

Says we are just fine.



Nakita ka nga nakaplastar nga agiddan

(I saw you already in bed)

Idin tu ta imbagam kanyak iti mariknam

(After which you said to me how you felt)

Ket di nak nga nagsasao iti abay mo

(But I said nothing by your side)

Ta dinak met nga amammu.

(Because I know you didn’t know me.)

Dinamag nak naminsan nu apay ababayen ka

(You asked me once why I’m always at your side)

Dinamag nak pay nga naminsan nu apay ayayaten ka

(Then you also asked me why I still love you)

Ket idin kunto a nakita iti dagsen ti rigat mo

(There I saw the heaviness of your suffering)

Makasangit nak pay ket hannak makasao.

(That I felt like crying I couldn’t even speak.)

Ngem ti kinunak addaak la iti abay mo

(But I said I’ll always be by your side)

Duray man no di ka makamammu

(Even if you did not know me)

Duray nalipatan man ti nagan ko

(Even if you don’t remember my name)

Duray man amin ket basol mo.

(Even if everything was your fault.)

Ngem detoy sangit ko

(But these tears I have)

Sapay la kuma ta maaprisyar mo

(I hope you appreciate)

Ta naminsan imbagak iti Diyos ken sasanto

(For once I promised to God and the saints)

Nga din tu agbalbaliw ti ayat ko.

(That my love for you will never change.)



Mga mata’y nakapikit

Ninamnam ang sakit

Habang ikinakabit

ang kutsilyong ginamit.

Kay tamis pa ng iyong ngiti

At wala man lang bakas ng pagsisisi

Habang nakahawak ang iyong kamay

Sa kanya ng walang humpay.

Palihim kang tinatanaw

Kahit ako’y walang ilaw

Mula nang ikay makita

At lubusang nakilala.

Litrato mo’y laging nakakabit

Kita ko lagi ang ganda mo’t bait

Kaibigan pa nga turing mo sa akin

Di man lang nakita ang aking damdamin.

Kaya nang makita kang masaya

Ako’y nagselos nang sobra

Dapat ikaw ay maging akin

Ako lamang dapat susunndin.

Hindi ka sana naging biktima

Ng pagmamahal kong sobra sobra.



There’s a lump in my throat

Every time I close my eyes

Waiting in the silence

With the memories still fresh

Like the passing yesterday.

I wonder why I liked sunsets

I wonder why I liked roses

Forgetting how those tiny thorns

Can inflict pain and sadness.

Maybe I just liked the pain-

Makes me feel alive

Even after some pieces of me got lost

And made me a living dead.

Where were those happy memories

When you needed them?

Happiness is fleeting like a second

Yet pain can stay for a long long time

Until no more tears are left for self-loathing

Because I didn’t walk the straight path

You so carefully built and chose for me

You said I’d regret it but I still left

And made friends with pain.

I’m sorry for getting myself caught

With the disappointment you feel

Every single day that my soul

Lurked in the shadows.

Forgive this crazy fool

For believing a foolish dream

For putting around masks

And ill-fitting costumes

For how can I deserve this life

When I am only able to live

And offer love through pain?



She was a little girl

Happy in her own world

Caught in the middle of things

Unaware of the dangers hidden beneath.

She was walking on a thread

With hope in heart

But only got tears to shed

For the wonderful dream she had.

She grew up feeling distant

Feeling like the outcast

In an already perfect world

Of flattery and pretense.

Maybe she never grew up

Who knows what the girl had become

Because she’s already been broken

Many times for a lifetime to last.

The world has slowly eaten her heart

Reminded her of how cruel life can be

Just a prey in the midst of giants

A toy for their enjoyment.

Maybe she’s just living

Like the shadow of ghosts

But she’s brave enough to know

That paradise is just an ideal world.

Diaspora ( A Tribute to Syria)


You saw the bombs falling

As the city turned to ashes

Homes crumbled down

With the rotten bodies.

Everywhere was death

Chasing your every move

As news of yesterday

brought more fear than hope.

Hearing the cries of desperation

Forced you to move

And stay out of the noises

That haunted your mind.

As you walked with pain

Leaving the place you only knew

You rode the boat with hope

For a bright tomorrow.

But alas, like a thirsty homeless man

You faced the closed doors

And the uncaring silence

Of your wealthy neighbors.

So you swam farther to survive,

Further still, until you sank

And all that’s left were lost dreams

That were washed ashore.



Maybe heaven is hell

And hell a heaven

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe dreams are real

And reality is a dream

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe happiness is pain

And pain is a happiness

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe innocence is guilt

And guilt is an innocence

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe sweet is bitter

And bitter a sweet

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe winning is losing

And losing is winning

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe justice is revenge

And revenge is justice

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe war is peace

And peace a war

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe the present is a past

And the past a present

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe love is hate

And hate is love

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe life is death

And death is life

Either way

I have lived.

And maybe life is a puzzle

Forever a mystery

Either way

I have lived.


look out

There’s a light in your eyes

Sparkling like the clear waters

When you walked by

My ugly windows.

And here I am, just watching

Letting life pass by

Hearing the ills of the world

Seeing the empty shells of people.

Feeling half-awake

With the thick walls

I built upon myself-

That started to crumble.

Confused Am I

With the fear of tomorrow

Hanging in the air-

So much for hoping.

So like water I float

Letting the flow lead me

Somewhere I can be-

Somewhere I belong.



I felt the pull

The second our eyes met

My heart recognized your face

But my mind thought otherwise.

Things were different then

You were above me

Forever moving on in circles

Only admired from afar.

If only the wind could whisper

Then it would sigh longings

Days of loneliness and silence

Looking for your presence.

I felt compelled to push the wall

So I can utter these words

But alas! the god of chance got tired

and left me with regrets.