If we’re gonna meet,

I hope you say hello first

Because it takes a while,

For me to warm up.


Disarm me with a smile

And a soothing voice

That can calm the storms

Inside my overthinking head.


I advice you to be patient

When I suddenly burst-

That sweet innocent girl you like

Might just transform into a monster.


You might have a pretty face,

But I want a man who’s steady,

Who can make love with his actions

And not just with words.


I hope you’re also into books

For I like to read and write,

And we might just get along 

Conversing and laughing ’til dawn.

Become my friend

Who speaks the truth,

Love my flaws and in turn

I’ll be yours without reservation.


Until then, I will wait

For that special moment

Even if you’re miles away

And it takes forever and a day.