You saw me as a star with great potential,

You were fascinated, even intrigued.

You sculpted me in the image you like

And even venerated me like an altar.

You molded me to become like you

Your mirror in every step of the way.

All along you pulled the strings

And I followed as your minion.

You thought I was different

For I was your hope for a legacy.

So imagine the disappointment you felt

Upon learning that your creation was a mistake.

I guess that’s just the way I am built

Created to become perfectly imperfect.

I never disguised my scars from the start

But you refused to see the monster that was in front of you.

And that’s when I decided to end

The game I keep playing for you.

So that I can finally say

That I hate feeling this way

Yet it seems that it’s my fate.



How long shall I wait?

Don’t leave me in suspense

‘Cause I hate hanging in the air

Holding on to the rope of uncertainty.

When would you care?

Would it be safe to say

You’d only notice someone

When they are actually gone?

Can you stop the pretense?

I’ve been looking at you forever

I know that  when you smile

You’re actually in pain.

But does it actually matter?

If I say these words

Cause all you ever did

Was take my love for granted.