I’m sitting in the sand

I just don’t know

What I ought to do next

Because I’m bored like hell.

Naïvety, subtlety

Or was it just me?

I pushed people away

Now they seem so far away.

So I’m sitting here

Closing my tired eyes

And shutting my ears

Just hearing the waves of the past.

Can I be gone like the wind?

But I feel like the wind

Though not as free to roam

As freedom seems to be my downfall.

Aha, I contradict myself

But what more have I to lose

When there was nothing more to choose

So instead I just tied my shoes.

I wiped these silent tears

And breathe the air like water

As I got engulfed with the ocean

Of my despair and loneliness.

Soon I found myself ready to stand

Without holding a helping hand

Because I got to be the only one left

With vanishing footsteps in the sand.


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I hate the face I see

In the mirror when I wake up.

I hate the way those lips curl

For doing something wrong.

I hate the way that body moves

Like a crippled man with crutches.

I hate the way her mind writes

Depressing thoughts everyday.

I hate the way she sings

Believing she’s a soul siren.

I hate the way she shows kindness

Because she’s always betrayed.

I hate the fact that she’s weak

Because she is unable to appreciate herself.

I hate the fact that she slouches her back

Because she feels poor in a crowd.

Mostly I hate the fact that she loves

Because she’s always in pain.



I get drunk and lost

From the beautiful nightmare

That is you.

Why do thorns appear

Whenever I look at you?

There’s got to be demons

Wanting to escape

Sewing my swollen lips

Bruised and battered

As reality becomes my battlefield-

Fighting for sanity.

Clock is ticking

I’d soon slip away

With the passing age.