Tears on New Year’s Eve

Had me caught on reverie

Loneliness behind the smiles

Keep the ghosts out of bay.


Yesterday went like a dream

Had me wishing it were all real

Had my thoughts unguarded

Drinking the truth with  wine.


I look up at the sky

Where I rumbled my thanks

Lonely eve to bury the past

And create a new life.





Come on don’t be silent

Speak to my heart

Like you still care.

Come on hold my hand

Engulf me in your embrace

Like you used to.

Come on sit beside me

And stay throughout the night

Like you always did.

I don’t bite like them

Your innocence tempts me

Making demons out of me.

And now that you know the truth

Won’t you look at me straight

Like you adored me so?

You look at me with sad eyes

And I can’t do anything

But to face your back.



It matters not what state things are

For change is constant

Every breathing being here

Comes and goes

With the passage of time.

A force that is immovable

Nothing comes by accident

Because everything actually

Has a place

In the scheme of things.

The broken fragments

Of happy memories

Might just become a second-

Fast and fleeting

Because that’s what life is.

There remains only the shadows

Of a life borne out of dust

Maybe that tiny flicker of hope

Would also return to dust

Forever lost in oblivion.



Maybe heaven is hell

And hell a heaven

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe dreams are real

And reality is a dream

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe happiness is pain

And pain is a happiness

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe innocence is guilt

And guilt is an innocence

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe sweet is bitter

And bitter a sweet

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe winning is losing

And losing is winning

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe justice is revenge

And revenge is justice

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe war is peace

And peace a war

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe the present is a past

And the past a present

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe love is hate

And hate is love

Either way

I have lived.

Maybe life is death

And death is life

Either way

I have lived.

And maybe life is a puzzle

Forever a mystery

Either way

I have lived.


look out

There’s a light in your eyes

Sparkling like the clear waters

When you walked by

My ugly windows.

And here I am, just watching

Letting life pass by

Hearing the ills of the world

Seeing the empty shells of people.

Feeling half-awake

With the thick walls

I built upon myself-

That started to crumble.

Confused Am I

With the fear of tomorrow

Hanging in the air-

So much for hoping.

So like water I float

Letting the flow lead me

Somewhere I can be-

Somewhere I belong.