Life goes on

Like a river

Flowing and,



Winter ends,

Spring begins

With hope blooming

From a heart yearning.


I saw my own reflection

Saying goodbye to the past,

Embracing another day

That’s definitely not my last.





I should have felt fear

Instead I wanted to cheer.

I feel blessed indeed

For I felt no need

To wallow in misery.

I feel like my cup is overflowing

You heard my pleas and suffering

Indeed if this is the path you’ve chosen for me

Then I’m content to have made you happy

For all along you were my shepherd.

I offer my thanks this day

There’s nothing more I can say

But words of gratitude and gladness

No more fear and sadness

My heart goes out with love to all souls and saints.



Sometimes I ask God

When it rains it really pours

And why humans have to cry

Everyday until they die.

Sometimes I ask God

Why everything seems wrong

Because humans have to choose

When they know they’ll lose.

Sometimes I ask God

Why bad things happen

When people only want love

But ask more of what they have.

And sometimes I ask God

When I’m just really down

Like I am carrying the ills of the world

This faith the only thing I can hold.



More silence and more hatred

Until more tears are shed

Should have known this would happen

It only made our hearts to be broken.

Looking up at the sky

I’ve always wondered why

Maybe distance would be better

Cause being close makes us weaker.

Trust has always been the issue

You never believed me too

How awful our situation is

These emotions need release.

The kind that makes us suffer

Is the kind that makes us stronger

Maybe I gather up more pain

My efforts were just in vain.

Tonight the moon is full

I didn’t know fate can be so cruel

And those walls of yours and mine

Says we are just fine.