I’m sitting in the sand

I just don’t know

What I ought to do next

Because I’m bored like hell.

Naïvety, subtlety

Or was it just me?

I pushed people away

Now they seem so far away.

So I’m sitting here

Closing my tired eyes

And shutting my ears

Just hearing the waves of the past.

Can I be gone like the wind?

But I feel like the wind

Though not as free to roam

As freedom seems to be my downfall.

Aha, I contradict myself

But what more have I to lose

When there was nothing more to choose

So instead I just tied my shoes.

I wiped these silent tears

And breathe the air like water

As I got engulfed with the ocean

Of my despair and loneliness.

Soon I found myself ready to stand

Without holding a helping hand

Because I got to be the only one left

With vanishing footsteps in the sand.



You’ve haunted my mind

You’re the unavoidable plague

I have desired.

My skin tingles with excitement

Hearing the sound of your voice

Like the sound of distant shores.

Distance has kept us apart

But memories of you still linger

Every time I see someone smile.

Let me tell you that I’m a ruined soul

I’m the piece of crap everyone throws away

When the thing has outlasted its value.

You’re my angel, my hope

My only connection from insanity

From the past I used to walk on to.

I hope you’re well for here I am

Still searching for light from the darkness

That has kept me from reaching out to you.


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I hate the face I see

In the mirror when I wake up.

I hate the way those lips curl

For doing something wrong.

I hate the way that body moves

Like a crippled man with crutches.

I hate the way her mind writes

Depressing thoughts everyday.

I hate the way she sings

Believing she’s a soul siren.

I hate the way she shows kindness

Because she’s always betrayed.

I hate the fact that she’s weak

Because she is unable to appreciate herself.

I hate the fact that she slouches her back

Because she feels poor in a crowd.

Mostly I hate the fact that she loves

Because she’s always in pain.



How long shall I wait?

Don’t leave me in suspense

‘Cause I hate hanging in the air

Holding on to the rope of uncertainty.

When would you care?

Would it be safe to say

You’d only notice someone

When they are actually gone?

Can you stop the pretense?

I’ve been looking at you forever

I know that  when you smile

You’re actually in pain.

But does it actually matter?

If I say these words

Cause all you ever did

Was take my love for granted.



My feelings go numb

Every time I shut myself out

Of miserable thinking.

I need escape

I need release

I need to feel again

That happiness that you gave me

A long time ago.

You gave it to me like a drug

and I got addicted

Until I got shallow

And all the more hollow

Angry yet empty.

Things are not as it used to be

Only no hope for second chances

For you or me

Only sadness in the silence

And myself lost in darkness.



Missin’ the old days

Just heard from you yesterday

Wish we could hang out

Drive ourselves wild and crazy

and share laughter without a care.

Missin’ riding the train

It was a little bit comforting

As I went in yesterday

Remembering our conversations.

Years may have gone by

And even if you’re far now

Or have gone busy with work

I still hope our bond stays.



I get drunk and lost

From the beautiful nightmare

That is you.

Why do thorns appear

Whenever I look at you?

There’s got to be demons

Wanting to escape

Sewing my swollen lips

Bruised and battered

As reality becomes my battlefield-

Fighting for sanity.

Clock is ticking

I’d soon slip away

With the passing age.



She was a little girl

Happy in her own world

Caught in the middle of things

Unaware of the dangers hidden beneath.

She was walking on a thread

With hope in heart

But only got tears to shed

For the wonderful dream she had.

She grew up feeling distant

Feeling like the outcast

In an already perfect world

Of flattery and pretense.

Maybe she never grew up

Who knows what the girl had become

Because she’s already been broken

Many times for a lifetime to last.

The world has slowly eaten her heart

Reminded her of how cruel life can be

Just a prey in the midst of giants

A toy for their enjoyment.

Maybe she’s just living

Like the shadow of ghosts

But she’s brave enough to know

That paradise is just an ideal world.



It matters not what state things are

For change is constant

Every breathing being here

Comes and goes

With the passage of time.

A force that is immovable

Nothing comes by accident

Because everything actually

Has a place

In the scheme of things.

The broken fragments

Of happy memories

Might just become a second-

Fast and fleeting

Because that’s what life is.

There remains only the shadows

Of a life borne out of dust

Maybe that tiny flicker of hope

Would also return to dust

Forever lost in oblivion.

Diaspora ( A Tribute to Syria)


You saw the bombs falling

As the city turned to ashes

Homes crumbled down

With the rotten bodies.

Everywhere was death

Chasing your every move

As news of yesterday

brought more fear than hope.

Hearing the cries of desperation

Forced you to move

And stay out of the noises

That haunted your mind.

As you walked with pain

Leaving the place you only knew

You rode the boat with hope

For a bright tomorrow.

But alas, like a thirsty homeless man

You faced the closed doors

And the uncaring silence

Of your wealthy neighbors.

So you swam farther to survive,

Further still, until you sank

And all that’s left were lost dreams

That were washed ashore.