I want to swim far

But I am a prey chained

In a world of power.


Peel away the darkness in my heart,

Growing with dread and hate

Of its innocence.


I can only look from afar,

Knowing it may be too late

To escape this fate.



I have buckets of tears,

For the  lonely.

I have few pennies,

For the empty.


I have a beating heart

For the hateful.

I have blankets

For the broken.


I try and try

To erase the void

But I feel so small,

And so vulnerable.


Can a hopeless have hope?

Can I last until dawn?

For this night is endless

For a life already shattered.




You are the sum of my demons

The light in my shadows

A beautiful distraction,

A dream I never had.


You are the words behind my silence,

My compass in the night

My comfort from weariness,

A star I can never hold.


I should have grabbed the chance

To utter words unspoken,

But my lips were sealed,

And I ran away.


Forgive my awkwardness,

For my heart is made of paper

And I have to bottle it up

So it won’t leak.









People tell me I still look the same,

Years have gone by like the passing wind

I was drifting through life, surviving.

The past came, flashing before my eyes

And all this time, I am living a lie.


Your words were sharp as the knife

Peeling off the layers of myself I have outgrown,

Forcing me to evolve,  to grow.


I ‘ve been hiding in the comfort of childhood

And I just knew it was time to let go,

And face another chapter.

God give me the strength to be strong

With hope and peace in a turbulent world.


I am afraid of the shadows

But I want to move forward

To face the darkness in my heart,

To find my light again,this time with you.



image 1

Stab me, like there’s no tomorrow

I can handle the pain.


You cut me with your shitty words

But I can always lick my wounds.


You shoot with dagger looks

But I have my bullet-proof.


If life was pain and it was you,

I’ll gladly embrace it.


I was the masochist in your sadist state,

You the Master and I like the Slave.


I chose you when you chose me,

I love you more when you hurt me.


I was a living dead before,

Then you came and awakened my soul.