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I hate the face I see

In the mirror when I wake up.

I hate the way those lips curl

For doing something wrong.

I hate the way that body moves

Like a crippled man with crutches.

I hate the way her mind writes

Depressing thoughts everyday.

I hate the way she sings

Believing she’s a soul siren.

I hate the way she shows kindness

Because she’s always betrayed.

I hate the fact that she’s weak

Because she is unable to appreciate herself.

I hate the fact that she slouches her back

Because she feels poor in a crowd.

Mostly I hate the fact that she loves

Because she’s always in pain.



How long shall I wait?

Don’t leave me in suspense

‘Cause I hate hanging in the air

Holding on to the rope of uncertainty.

When would you care?

Would it be safe to say

You’d only notice someone

When they are actually gone?

Can you stop the pretense?

I’ve been looking at you forever

I know that  when you smile

You’re actually in pain.

But does it actually matter?

If I say these words

Cause all you ever did

Was take my love for granted.