Nakita ka nga nakaplastar nga agiddan

(I saw you already in bed)

Idin tu ta imbagam kanyak iti mariknam

(After which you said to me how you felt)

Ket di nak nga nagsasao iti abay mo

(But I said nothing by your side)

Ta dinak met nga amammu.

(Because I know you didn’t know me.)

Dinamag nak naminsan nu apay ababayen ka

(You asked me once why I’m always at your side)

Dinamag nak pay nga naminsan nu apay ayayaten ka

(Then you also asked me why I still love you)

Ket idin kunto a nakita iti dagsen ti rigat mo

(There I saw the heaviness of your suffering)

Makasangit nak pay ket hannak makasao.

(That I felt like crying I couldn’t even speak.)

Ngem ti kinunak addaak la iti abay mo

(But I said I’ll always be by your side)

Duray man no di ka makamammu

(Even if you did not know me)

Duray nalipatan man ti nagan ko

(Even if you don’t remember my name)

Duray man amin ket basol mo.

(Even if everything was your fault.)

Ngem detoy sangit ko

(But these tears I have)

Sapay la kuma ta maaprisyar mo

(I hope you appreciate)

Ta naminsan imbagak iti Diyos ken sasanto

(For once I promised to God and the saints)

Nga din tu agbalbaliw ti ayat ko.

(That my love for you will never change.)

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